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Our Story

Our favorite thing to do in the world is to travel, explore, discover and learn about new cultures by immersing ourselves in the daily lives of the locals. Merely seeing a country is never enough. We need to feel it! Being open to such experiences exposes us to native traditions which often hold secrets, one of which we want to share with the world.

Three years ago, while traveling through Thailand, we noticed that we had a hard time identifying people’s age – both men and women alike. It was remarkable to note that the majority of the older generation looked incredibly young - their skin, face, general health. They were very active and energetic and looked at least 20 years younger than their true age. It was definitely not due to their nutrition because some of the people that we spoke to were so poor that they ate only one time per day and predominantly rice. So what was their secret? Genetics, geography, climate – maybe partially. What we discovered is that the majority of the people practiced self-healing via meditation with the aid of natural herbs grown abundantly and specific to their region. They did not digest the herbs but instead used it in a variety of massage treatments.

One particular method, the Luk PraKob in which we partook for 4 hours, was one of the most impressive, rejuvenating and enlightening experiences. It was during this treatment that we both felt a complete interconnection of the mind, body and soul. I felt ethereal and was literally afraid to get up after it was over because I did not feel my body.

Back home we work very hard and continuously deal with the daily stresses of family and work – just like 99% of everyone else. We wanted to share the experience we had with everyone, so that anyone, after a hard day’s work, can take 20-30 minutes to relax and be physically rejuvenated and mentally refreshed.

We worked diligently with top masters in Thailand to produce a collection of unique spa products that would help others replicate the experience we had. Now you can enjoy these compresses not only during meditation or yoga but also while watching TV, reading a book, listening to music or any other relaxing activity you do every day at home or even at work.


Based on 400 years of traditional Thai medicine and the Luk PraKob treatment, ThaiPro™ has created a collection of natural products consisting of 30 herbs imported directly from Thailand.


ThaiPro™ Compresses with Aromatherapy (Neck, Eye, Back, Joint - Elbow / Knee / Shoulder / Ankle)

ThaiPro™ compresses are known to stimulate the mind, body and soul, increase energy and soothe sore, pulled or overworked muscles. Additionally, they help alleviate lung and sinus congestion, relieve arthritic pain, condition the skin and increase blood circulation. The herbs have a general tonic effect on overall health and longevity and possess additional anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, moisturizing and analgesic properties.

Compress Benefits

* reduces pain, swelling due to injuries * reduces headaches * reduces fevers * increases blood flow * improves circulation * relaxes muscles *energizes internal organs * soothes tension and soreness * improves breathing * helps fight colds, coughs bronchitis * detoxification * helps treat skin diseases * improves skin complexion

ThaiPro™ Soaps

ThaiPro™ has created a collection of natural luffa soaps consisting of highest grade herbs from Thailand. For centuries Thai used these precious herbs for general skin's tonic effect on overall health and longevity.

One of the best things you can do for your skin is to exfoliate. It helps rid your skin of dead cells and promote the growth of new ones. Exfoliting with Luffa combined with a powerful nurture of Thai herbs in a soap is the best recipie for a healthy and youthful skin.

Organic. Hand made from all natural Thai herbs. Never tested on animals.